The MindTrap Nea Smirni

Welcome to The MindTrap Nea Smirni!

In the center of Athens, there are many unsolved mysteries that are hidden in the 7 escape rooms of The MindTrap Nea Smirni! It takes courage to discover them and every journey is going to be magical. Will you solve the mysteries?

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Escape Rooms

White Cell


3-6 players

100 min

Ένα ταξίδι στο χρόνο που θα αποκαλύψει μυστικά που αλλάζουν την ιστορία...

From €10 per person

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Roll the Dice


2-5 players

80 min

The Ultimate Hi-Tech Board Game Escape Room!

From €11 per person

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Virtual Reality Escape Games


2-3 players

45 min

Wear the Virtual Reality mask and travel to worlds never seen before!

From €10 per person

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Da Vinci Code


2-6 players

75 min

An occult secret hidden in the bowels of the Louvre museum. In your hands are the figures for a mystical sect that devises wicked plans for humanity.

From €11 per person

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About The MindTrap

The mysterious objects you will find, but also the artistic constructions, will help you solve mysteries and escape!

Crime scenes, dark slaughterhouses, fairytale lands and fascinating jungles, all the worlds of The MindTrap conceal unsolved mysteries, spiritual and physical challenges, but also gripping performances by actors, that you will find in the escape rooms.

All these will happen in 60 minutes or more.

Kids Parties

Organize a unique and alternative event, thinking out of the box and creating an unforgettable experience for everyone! The MindTrap escape rooms are suitable for kids under 16 years old, while our specialized personnel is convenient with kids at very small ages. Each room can fit up to 6 people, so for bigger teams you can book more than one room.

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